Give Your Home a Gift This Holiday Season

We were in a conversation the other day with an old customer who remarked that he and his wife were not going to go to a lot of trouble and expense looking for mutual Christmas gifts this year.  They decided they really had everything they “wanted” or “needed” individually this season.  Instead, what they agreed upon was that they would enjoy was a home theatre system for their main living area.

No shopping for the perfect cologne, or right-sized sweaters or underwear that would soon be forgotten. They pooled the money they would have spent on smaller gifts and purchased a “state-of-the-art” sound bar with wireless remote speakers.  They will always now remember this holiday season as the one when they gave each other the gift of nice music in their home.

What a great idea!  We think this approach can apply to other improvements around your home – especially ones that you might be putting off.  These kinds of investments will pay benefits for years. Plus, they improve the livability of your home while providing needed upgrades and improvements for you and any future owners of your home. 

Take a holiday home survey

As you clean-up your home for the holidays and deploy your favorite holiday decorations indoors and out, make an extra effort to survey different parts of your residence for needed updates or improvements.  You might uncover things you want to address ASAP – or,  simply add items to your list of improvements for the early 2020.

Windows.  As you place wreath or string of lights in each window, feel around the edges of each sash.  December is a perfect month to identify the exact places where your windows might be starting to fail.  Make note of the windows and rooms where you feel the greatest changes in interior temperatures.  These are the areas that need the most urgent attention.

Doors.  As with your windows, make sure your exterior doors fit tight when closed, that the seals are working properly and not brittle and, that any windows in or near your exterior doors are snug and air-tight.

Exterior Trim.  As you hang or place exterior lights or decorations on your home, give a closer look to the exterior accent trim.  If this part of your exterior is showing its age, maybe it is time for a new look and an update.  Remember, all trim materials offered by Tri County Windows and Siding are weather and rot resistant.

Enjoy this holiday season with all our best wishes from Tri County Windows and Siding!

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