Get Summer Ready With Patio Doors

Few things are more of a fantastic home feature in the summer than a patio with a beautiful set of patio doors. The right patio doors offer families many functional benefits, as well as add a beautiful aesthetic to the space. Tri County Windows and Siding’s selection of patio doors, siding, gutters, and trim can add new style and seamless function to your home just in time for summer!  

Hinged Patio Doors 

With our hinged patio doors, you’ll have access to and from your yard through a single door that’s attached to a full-length pane of glass on the other side that provides extra light into your living space. Our hinged doors increase the energy efficiency of your home, improve your ability to move between spaces, and are perfect for providing plenty of natural light — which will be invaluable for indoor and outdoor enjoyment when the temperatures rise. 

Our hinged patio doors are designed with the practicality of having one traditional door while maintaining the double-door aesthetic. Choose from our wood-grained textured steel, fiberglass, and smooth steel hinged finishes that feature multi-locks for added security. 

Sliding Doors 

Sliding doors are a perfect summer patio upgrade as they let in tons of natural light. We’re big on energy efficiency, and we make sure that our sliding door styles offer improved insulation, to keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer months. Sliding doors allow you to access your yard or patio without using up any interior or exterior space, which is a great option if seating on your patio is tight, or you expect to have lots of traffic to and from the patio. If you are interested in sliding doors, but wondering about home safety, we can assure you that the newer sliding door models we offer are structured to be secure and safe — to protect you, your loved ones, and your belongings. 

French Doors 

French-style patio doors are a classic choice with modern-day appeal. Our French doors are a popular choice for families who entertain in the summers, as they are designed to easily accommodate guests and furniture. They are perfect for those birthday parties, BBQs, and lazy days in the sun. Our French-styled doors are energy-efficient, fully customizable, and built for security. Choose from doors with stationary windows for a panoramic view of your backyard, or solid panes of glass for a patio space that’s elegant and simple. We can help you make the patio of your dreams a reality. 

Ultimately, the type of patio door you choose for your home should come down to the functional benefits, as well as how attractive the doors appear and how well they complement the theme of your home. If you’re looking to transform your patio for fun in the sun, we are here to help. We have a wide variety of beautiful finishes for patio door options, as well as siding, gutters, and trim to help you create the perfect environment for indoor and outdoor enjoyment this summer.

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