Frequently Asked Spring Gutter Questions

Not only is a seamless rain gutter aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides essential protection to your home’s siding and foundation. We at Tri County carry products from the country’s best manufacturers and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your gutters. Here are a few of the most common inquiries we receive on this topic:

What are seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters are the preferred gutter type for most homeowners, and come in many different styles.  Compared to sectional, or standard, gutters, seamless gutters start as raw materials are extruded and cut to fit the exact length of your roof. Sectional gutters are purchased in set sizes and have gaps that require fastening.

What types of styles are there?

K-Style Gutters – If you’re going for an elegant look, try K-style gutters. These typically have flat bottoms and backs. Due to the extrusion process, K-Style gutters are customizable to resemble crown molding.

Half-Round Gutters – Formed out of the same materials, half-round gutters are just like they sound: a flat back with a semi-circle shape on the front.

Leaf Protection Systems

One of the big hassles with any gutter system, seamless or standard, is having to clean them biannually.  Your gutter’s best friend will be a leaf protection system, or gutter guards. As seasons change, leaves and debris accumulate in your gutter and restrict water flow. Leaf protection systems prevent clogs, rusting, and freezing, and make maintaining your gutters far easier. We recommend Leaf Relief and Gutter Stuff for the best protection on the market.

How much does a seamless gutter installation system cost?

The price of seamless gutter installations is usually based on parts and materials. The amount of materials needed is based on the square footage of your gutter, so the bigger the gutter, the higher the costs. The remainder of materials are based on smaller components, such as outlets, corners, and downspouts, as well as labor.

Although the price difference between seamless gutters is more expensive than standard gutters, you won’t have to pay for smaller repairs over time.

Spring is a great time to replace your current gutter system. Contact us today at Tri County Windows for a free, no obligation estimate. 

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