Five Reasons to Use Seamless Gutters for Your Home

Seamless gutters are a big improvement over the old sectional gutters.  If your home needs new siding, new windows, or even a new roof –  it just makes good sense to upgrade to seamless gutters as a part of that larger project. It will give a cleaner look to your home’s exterior. Plus, there’s the added benefits of lower maintenance and better protection for your roof. 

Improved technology in design and manufacturing of seamless gutters provide astute homeowners enhanced value in the property. This system is a huge improvement over a traditional gutter system as they outperform sectional gutters in every category. 

Minimize Leaks

Sectional gutters have many connection points all along your home. These constitute leak risks, which means less protection for your home’s foundation. Sectional gutters do have sealant, but sealant can wear away over time.

Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are one long strip of metal that is cut on site to fit your home’s contours. With each strip being a single piece, there is nowhere for the gutter to spring a leak. This provides better protection for your home.

Less Blockage 

Every seam in your sectional gutter is a place where water can get backed up, however slightly. When this happens, material in the water can start to form a small pile. Over time this pile can grow and before long, your gutter is clogged.

Seamless gutters do not present this problem to homeowners. Each strip of gutter is a smooth, hydrodynamic length of metal with no impediments to the natural flow of water. The result is that your gutter requires less cleaning, which is not only better for your home, it’s easier on you.

Better Aesthetics 

A seamless strip of metal presents a superior appearance to a series of inelegant sections bolted together. Because the seamless gutter is cut on site by professionals and affixed to the house by professionals, it gives your home a cleaner, crisper look.

Resists the Elements

 In climates that go from cold to hot, and from wet to dry, a sectional gutter is put through a difficult test. The metal can expand and contract, and this is difficult especially on the areas where one section is joined to another. Over time, this sort of testing by the elements can cause the sectional gutter to fail.

Seamless gutters are only joined at corners and downspouts. There is far less vulnerability to harsh weather. This means that your seamless gutter will almost certainly outlast other sectional gutters. It may cost  a bit more up front, but its longevity means you won’t have to make that same investment again for a long time, if at all.

Low Maintenance

Every section that must connect to another is a potential weak point that must be carefully assembled. It is also necessary to evaluate the performance of these connections each year to see if any are in danger of failing. If sections fail, you must replace them at your own expense.

Seamless gutters have connection points only at corners and downspouts. Furthermore, professional installers attach them, reducing the likelihood of failure. A seamless gutter allows you to enjoy your home with less upkeep.

There is no question that seamless gutters are a superior choice for the any home. They last longer, require less maintenance and protect your home better. You will need a professional to install them, as they are cut on site, but the initial investment can pay for itself over time while giving you higher level performance.

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