Five Home Improvement Projects for Spring

With the start of spring a closer and closer reality, the home improvement season gets underway in full swing. Now is a great time to start to assess if there’s any winter damage to your home and to start to make plans for home improvement projects both large and small. 

Certainly springtime means fresh flowers and mulch, scrubbing the siding and general yard maintenance and sprucing.  

But, here are the 5 home improvement projects that yield a big return on investment:

1) Clean your windows and check for damage. 

Cleaning the outside of your windows is an ideal spring home improvement project and only costs you time and effort. Remember the sense of accomplishment you feel to start the new season with crystal clear windows?

Not only do your windows get clean, this is a perfect method to inspect windows for seasonal damage. Strong winds from winter storms combined with the freezing and thawing of the typical winter in colder parts of the country may have cracked a few of your window panes. Replacing broken window panes is inexpensive and goes a long way to making your home more attractive and energy efficient.

As you clean inside and out, remember to continue to inspect. Take a look at the window sills and trim for any signs of water damage or deterioration. Painting or replacing damaged window trim is another home improvement project that yields big results.

2) Repair your roof

Your roof is your home’s No. 1 defense against the elements. Even a small issue on the top of your house can lead to major damage indoors if water is allowed to enter your attic and walls. Take a look at your roof from the ground to see if any shingles have been blown out of place during a winter storm.

Remember: water can travel a long way along the beams. The section of your roof that needs repaired may not be directly above your leak. Small repairs can be an easy DIY project, but larger issues or roofs with a high pitch are best left to the pros. 

3) Update your siding

Just like your roof, siding can sustain damage from winter snow and wind. Replacing a warped or loose piece of siding is a home improvement project that can be completed on a sunny spring afternoon. This provided you can obtain materials that are color matched to your weathered exterior finish.

If your siding is older, you might also consider updating your siding with something more efficient and easy to maintain. A newer material can provide an added degree of insulation and can feature a surface that is easy to clean with a hose and brush. 

4) Replace or upgrade your gutters

Your gutters and drain pipes help to direct rain water and melted snow from your roof away from your foundation. Gutters that are clogged or compromised can allow water to accumulate below the roof line. This can cause drainage ruts around your house and possibly leading to water getting into your basement or damaging your foundation. 

Gutters and drain pipes are relatively inexpensive to replace and well worth the effort in keeping your home cozy and dry. We have a full selection of gutter products that are both attractive and functional.  

5) Add insulation

If you home wasn’t quite as warm this winter as you would have liked it to be, don’t neglect reviewing your attic insulation. Adding an extra layer of fiberglass insulation on the floor of your attic is another easy home improvement project that can pay dividends. It can aid in keeping the heated air down in your living space where it belongs thereby making cooling your home this summer much easier.

Attic insulation also helps to keep the top of your house a constant temperature, which is useful in preventing ice dams, a major source of winter water damage.

More power to the homeowner on DIY projects! For windows, siding, exterior doors and gutters, Tri County Windows & Siding wants to be a trusted source of good advice, quality materials and reliable workmanship. We’re here when you need us, and we offer complimentary estimates!

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