Easy Tips for Insulating Your Door and Window

This winter, you want to ensure your home is warm and cozy and not letting in the frigid air. Having drafty windows and doors can affect your comfort and impact your energy costs. There are a few solutions available to winterize your home by insulating your doors and windows.

Insulating Windows

There are several alternatives to prevent drafts this winter, and each has costs and benefits. Start by inspecting your windows for large or obvious issues like cracks or breaks, and fix these big draft causes. Once you’ve done this, you can consider some of the following easy ways to insulate your windows:

  • Caulking. If you don’t plan to open your windows until the season ends, you can use a temporary caulk to seal them up for the winter. Otherwise, you can permanently caulk around the trim and panes. You can use exterior caulking if the one you have is beginning to peel away. Fresh exterior caulk coupled with interior caulk can create more effective insulation.
  • Spray foam insulation. This method is best used around doors and windows when you can access the area behind the window trim. It’s a practical insulation alternative, but you must select one specifically made for windows.
  • Weatherstripping. Similar to caulk, you can add weatherstripping along the window pane where gaps could allow cold air in. Though it is more affordable than caulk, weatherstripping is more visible. Caulk is clear, or it can match your window pane color. Remember to clean the area before you adhere your weather strip.
  • Bubble wrap. An affordable and quick solution is un-popped bubble wrap. It doesn’t provide the prettiest finish, so homeowners use it as a temporary solution. Maybe you need a quick fix until you can install a better option. Or perhaps this alternative might work because your area doesn’t get much cold weather. You can fill the cracks between the window and frame with bubble wrap to cover the glass and prevent cold drafts.
  • Thermal drapes. Hanging thermally lined curtains is an effective, reusable way to block drafts. To increase their effectiveness, hang them as close as possible to the window.
  • Storm windows. Particularly useful if your house has single-pane windows, storm windows are an extra piece of glass made to fit your window, which snaps into place, often in place of your screens.

Insulating Doors

Your windows are not the only way for heat to escape your house while letting cold air in. Be sure to also have your doors ready for winter. You can also use window insulation, like spray foam, caulk, or weather stripping, on your doors.

  • Door sweep. Installing a door sweep along the exterior of your door can help prevent drafts. Other draft guards, including a rolled-up towel or blanket, can be useful on the interior.
  • Deadbolts. Your deadbolt will help insulate your door, securing it more tightly and allowing less air through the seal.
  • Door gasket. Mount gaskets along your door frame. A door gasket acts as the next level of weather stripping. It will improve insulation, and you can adjust it to ensure a strong seal.

Keeping Your Home Safe this Winter

If these easy tips aren’t enough to keep your home warm and cozy, contact Tri County Windows & Siding today to see if new energy-efficient windows and doors can help with your home’s insulation.

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