The Iconic Choice of Homeowners.

Choosing the right windows for your home reflects your personal sense of style and impacts the overall feel of your home. But, it also can improve the curb appeal and resale value of your home as well. 

Here at Tri County Windows and Siding, we install thousands of double-hung windows for Northern Virginia homeowners. They seem to be the most popular style of window.  Just because they are the default choice for many homeowners doesn’t mean they not the best of all available alternatives. 

Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows

Our customers ask us on a regular basis what are the pros and cons of double hung vs. single hung windows.  For starters, they both look identical from a distance. Both are vertical sliding windows with an upper and lower sash.  The sash is the square or rectangle frame that contains the window glass. 

Single Hung: the main difference between the two styles is that single hung windows have fixed upper sash and the only moveable sash is the lower one.  A double hung configuration is a style where BOTH sashes slide up and down independently. 

Fans of single hung windows might make the case that with fewer moving parts they are more durable or more weather resistant.  They may also cost slightly less than a comparable double hung.  Those are likely the only “advantages” you will discern.

Easier Maintenance.  Better Airflow.

Double hung windows are easily the most common styles of windows on the market today.  Ease of cleaning is at the top of the list for reasons why.  The “tilt-in” (and “tilt-out”) features make them safe and simple to clean from inside the home. That’s not the case with single hung.

Also, in terms of airflow, some homeowners like the option of opening the upper sash to create a re-circulating effect from above.  This is a safe fresh-air option in homes with smaller children as well. Open the top sash for air – but, keep the bottom sash closed for safety.

Which One to buy.

Certainly price can be a motivator. However, we have found the savings to be slight on single hung.  In fact, double-hung are now so common, they are somewhat easier to buy.  More choice likely means better and more competitive pricing. 

If you want to be able to open both sashes, chose a double hung. If you want ease-of cleaning and removable sashes, chose a double-hung.  Otherwise, you might be happy with single hung windows and putting a couple of dollars back in your pocket. 

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