Doors: When is it Time to Replace?

As people flip on their furnaces for the first time, it’s important to ensure your house is prepared for the cold that lies ahead.

Replace your worn or damaged doors before it’s too late by calling Tri County Windows & Siding. We proudly serve Northern Virginia with over 20 years of home improvement experience, and have experts in place to help you select the perfect door for your space.

Here are a few signs it might be time for you to make a change.

Feeling the Effects of Weather

Feeling cold in your house? That probably means there’s something wrong with your door. As your door ages, air is able to sneak into your home very easily.

An old door can provide unwanted financial and physical damage to your house. Because the winter months are sometimes unbearably cold, your natural inclination is to turn on the heat. Setting your thermostat to a comfortable temperature is expensive enough as is. Add on a malfunctioning door shooting cold air into your house, and that puts your heating costs way over budget. Plus, on top of monthly costs, an overused HVAC unit needs repaired more often and replaced quicker.

Warping Doors and Condensation on Windows

Your windows and doors are magnets for moisture. Because of the extreme varying of temperatures meeting between the outside and inside, moisture can get trapped inside. As the temperatures change, moisture escapes and reshapes the door, every-so-slightly over time. This shift causes unevenness in what was once a straight door. This might form gaps between the door and the frame, cracks in the actual wood and more. The only way to fix this problem is to replace your door.

Similar to moisture being trapped inside wood, if the window on your sliding glass patio door is accumulating moisture, you’ll have problems. Often times replacing your windows inside your doors require a complete overhaul, as damage to one part likely means damage to the whole thing.

The same is true for your patio doors, too. Worn down patio doors are portals for cold air to enter your house.

Boosting Curb Appeal

To use the cliché “killing two birds with one stone”, replacing your entry or patio door not only gives your home the proper insulation it needs, but also boosts the value of your home by giving your exterior a better look. We offer custom entry doors that fit each of our client’s needs. Entryways make a statement, and we want yours to stand out. If you’re having trouble deciding, our team of professionals will get you what you need.

The same goes for patio doors. If you make the switch from a sliding glass door, consider using French or hinged patio doors. French doors have stronger locking mechanisms, are easier to open, look better and are more energy efficient than standard sliding glass doors. Hinged patio doors are similar to French doors, but have a single entry. Hinged patio doors’ versatility offers up different design options, too.

We offer custom options for your home, and provide products from Alside, Atrium, Andersen, Gorell, ProVia, Simonton, and Soft-Lite. Call us today or request your free, no-obligation estimate.


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