Cleaning Gutters Safely and Effectively

Few homeowners enjoy cleaning their gutters, but it’s an important chore for several reasons. Regardless of the type of climate you live in, proper gutter maintenance helps protect your home. If you let your gutters accumulate lots of fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris, you risk serious damage or collapsed gutters from heavy rainfall. Additionally, the water that pools in or near your gutters can eventually seep into your home and cause extensive water damage. Finally, regular gutter maintenance also helps you keep tabs on the quality of your roof.

When you set out to clean your gutters, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use the right tools. Most likely, you’ll require a ladder to clean your gutters safely. You may also want to secure a small scaffold if possible for additional safety. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment such as eye protection, gloves, and slip-proof shoes.
  • Practice ladder and roof safety. Follow the safety warnings on your ladder or scaffold, and only step onto the roof if you are experienced in doing so.
  • Check downspouts and drainage. Water damage is virtually every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Before cleaning the gutters, ensure your downspouts and drainage channels are clear of debris. After removing the larger debris from the gutters, use a hose to spray water through them toward the downspouts. This will show you how clear they are and will prevent water from pooling and collecting on or near your home.
  • Know when to call professionals. If you’re unable to clean your gutters or if you do not feel safe doing it, hire a local gutter cleaning service. They may notice flaws you might have missed and can help you optimize your gutter and drainage system. Additionally, if cleaning your gutters requires stepping onto your roof, it’s better to have professionals handle it.

Ultimately, cleaning your gutters is a vital task for your home, and it’s important to approach the task with safety and efficiency in mind. Make sure you have the right safety equipment and tools before you begin, and take the time to ensure your drainage system is flowing correctly at least a few times each year.

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