Windows and Doors for Your Personal Style

The doors and windows to your home make a statement about the look and feel of your space, and your style as the homeowner. You can go simple on the design and style for your home’s windows and doors, or you might mix and match your home’s windows and doors to create a personalized aesthetic that’s functional, beautiful, and unique. At Tri County Windows and Siding, we have windows and doors to accommodate homes of all styles and sizes to help you achieve your perfect look. 

We Have Windows for Every Space 

Some of the window options you’ll find include:  

·      Double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are a great option for a modern colonial-style home. They can be turned into statement pieces when added to either side of picture windows, or they can serve as beautiful stand-alone windows in a setting of their own. 

·      Awning windows. If you’re looking for floor-to-ceiling picture windows, then awning windows are an excellent option. Awning windows increase natural light and are great for rooms on the lower level of the home, including bathrooms.  

·      Casement windows. These windows allow for lots of natural lighting and are great for first floors. You can open them easily as they swing outward. You can also open one side at a time.   

·      Gliding or sliding windows. These add lots of light to a home and are best used in high-traffic areas like patios. Gliding doors are sleek and great for maintaining a contemporary look inside and outside your home.  

·      Picture windows. Unlike the styles above, picture windows do not open, but they can be placed in your home in a variety of shapes and sizes from portholes to large bay windows. If you want to create a modern industrial look, you can even use picture windows to make entire “window walls.” Picture windows are great for spaces in your home where you want maximum natural lighting and an outside view.  

·      Stained glass windows. You may want to consider placing a few custom-designed stained glass windows in your space. Stained glass can serve as a decorative art piece that still allows for natural light. Stained glass is far from outdated — the color and intricacy of stained glass could add a bit of classic art-deco character to your space.  

Doors for Your Home’s Entryway and Interior 

Your home’s exterior door is one of the very first parts of your home people will see.  Choosing the right option for your home for looks and function is just as important as the type of door. 

Steel and fiberglass doors are strong and sturdy exterior options that will serve your home if you’re going for a sleek look. These durable doors add security with beautiful designs for natural lighting. Wood doors are a more classic and versatile material for doors and can be used as the exterior door and on all doors throughout the home. Wooden doors come in all shapes, and sizes and can be left in grain finish or painted to appeal to all styles of homes.  

When choosing the windows and doors for your home, you are making a statement for the rest of your house. Your design choices speak to your home’s character and your personal taste as the homeowner. At Tri County Windows and Siding, we’ll help you personalize your home with our wide selection of windows and doors. Contact us today to get your free estimate.

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