Choosing the Right Doors for Your Home

It’s not something most new homeowners put a lot of thought into, but your front door leaves an immediate impression on guests and would-be buyers. As the entrance to your house, the entryway is the bridge between interior and exterior and one of the first parts of the home people see. Whether you’re upgrading, repairing, or buying for the first time, choosing the right doors will have a long-lasting impact on your property value and appeal for years to come.

Starting Out

We’re getting into summer, so the weather’s taking a turn for the hotter – and wetter. If you’re on the market for a door upgrade, you’ll need to make the right choice for material first. Your front door is vulnerable to weather damage and insulation, so this is an important decision.

Steel doors are strong and sturdy, as well as moisture-resistant, but if your doorway is exposed to the sun, expect a steel door to cook in the summer heat. This can be mitigated with good insulation, but a steel door works best in the shade or when you need a strong, sturdy frame.

Wood is the most obvious choice for design and is the most versatile material for doors. Wooden doors are also great choices for keeping out the heat but can be prone to warping if they’re not in a secure location. For this reason, many wood doors are veneer with wooden cores.

Fiberglass is the toughest of materials – you won’t have a maintenance concern with fiberglass entryways.

Make a Statement

Think of your front door as the spokesperson for your home. Aside from good exterior, this is your chance to really sell a visitor on your home’s look and style. The front door should be a statement piece for the rest of your house. If you’re really looking to make a statement, consider something unconventional – but appealing – like French doors for your entryway. Creative homeowners will think creatively to make their home stand out.

You’ll need to balance the material you choose with trim, windows, and ornamentation. Keep in mind that glass isn’t insulated, so more windows equals more heat in the summer. If you want to balance form and function, consider adding storm doors to your entry. This has the upshot of increasing energy efficiency by providing another layer of insulation in addition to protecting your home against storms and natural disasters.

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