Bow Windows: Update the Look of Your Home

When it comes to the look of your home, your windows play a major factor in how your home is perceived by you and those around you. Windows can greatly impact the overall feel of your home, meaning that your window selection goes beyond functionality. If you’re looking to update both the interior and exterior of your home with new windows, bow windows might just be exactly what you are looking for. Having been a popular choice since the 1700s, these windows show no sign of going out of style anytime soon. Bow windows gained their popularity through the way that the style mimics the panoramic windows that can be found on old ships that once sailed the seas. Also known as compass windows, bow windows have the ability to greatly improve the overall look and feel of your home, both inside and out.

Why Choose This Type of Window?

If you like to let the light in, these are a great option! They provide an openness that can make any size space feel larger. Bow windows are highly customizable, allowing the homeowner to get creative with the overall design. This design provides an outward curve from your home and typically includes four or more individual windows. Bow windows are in the same category as Bay windows in the sense that they both are open and curved, but bay windows only feature three individual windows. While both bay and bow windows are great options for those who enjoy letting light permeate their home, bow windows offer you more options for customization. 

Bow windows work great in older, classic homes, but with their more contemporary designs, they complement a modern home as well. Bow windows are most often seen in the lower levels of the home, typically the living room or dining room, but they can also make a great addition to upper stories to maximize the overall view. 

Design Options

Bow Windows give the homeowner a lot of design freedom and possibilities of customization. Since the design features several smaller windows across the space, you can choose from stationary windows, including casement, or even a double-hung window to provide ventilation. When installing bow windows, you can decide how far out you want your curve to protrude. This ability for customization makes it easier to add an additional ledge for flowers or plants, and a window seat is always a perfect addition to enjoy the view with a good book. 


Bow windows provide a style that is eye-catching, panoramic, and classic, while still fitting modern expectations. If this type of window seems like the perfect addition to your home, turn to a professional who can help make your dreams a reality. The experienced team at Tri County Windows and Siding can help you select the perfect bow windows for your home. This amazing addition will improve both the interior and exterior appeal of your home, and give you an amazing view for any time day or night.  

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