5 Best Places to Install Awning Windows

Awning windows are a great addition to any house, being easy to open and close while letting in a good amount of natural light and ventilation. These windows are unique in their function because instead of opening in a vertical direction, they are hinged at the top and open in an outward motion at the bottom.

Because of their unique style, awning windows are better suited for some areas of the home than others. For example, you may not want this window in a high-traffic outdoor area near a sidewalk, deck, or porch as they may obstruct foot traffic. Its important to carefully consider the placement of an awning window before installing it.

Here are the best spots in your house for an awning window:

1. The Bedroom

Bedrooms are a perfect place for an awning window, as they allow in natural light during the day, brightening up your room each morning. The extra ventilation is also a great bonus, letting fresh air in and allowing you to leave it open during a rain storm so you can enjoy a cozy afternoon without letting water into your home. Safety is another important bonus for installing awning windows as they tend to be higher up on the wall, which can offer greater protection, especially for kids’ rooms.

2. The Bathroom

Awning windows are the perfect solution for a well-ventilated and still private bathroom space. They can be placed towards the top of the wall, allowing steam to escape from the shower or a nice summer breeze to enter while you get ready for a night out. You can also select a small-sized awning window at either a horizontal or vertical configuration to optimize privacy while still maintaining a modern aesthetic.

3. The Kitchen

Kitchens are considered to be the heart of any home. Many kitchens overlook the yard or a patio, which are the areas of the house that typically receive the most sunlight. An awning window will give you great access to this natural lighting, and the easy opening and closing mechanism will offer you an excellent way to ventilate the room from smoke or humidity.

4. The Basement

Whether your basement is a fully-finished place of social gathering or functions as more of a storage or laundry room, it can likely benefit from extra light and ventilation. If you’re looking for a way to lighten up your basement and let fresh air in while keeping the elements out, an awning window will do the trick.

5. The Living Room

Perhaps the greatest benefit of installing an awning window in the living room is privacy. Having peace of mind to enjoy the summer air or cool autumn breeze while maintaining your privacy is the best of both worlds. Due to the elevated placement of awning windows, you can both enjoy the elements as well as a family game night or a solo dance party in your living room without worrying people walking by your home will be able to see inside. Awning windows can help the living room be an even more pleasant, secure, and comforting environment.

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