All About French Doors

A popular part of many homes around the country, French Doors are installed in different parts of a home for a variety of different reasons. In essence, these are a pair of doors that primarily consist of glass from top to bottom with different patterns of window panes available for stylistic choices. French doors open from between the pair and can truly bring an entirely different aesthetic into a home. 

Getting their name from their development by the French, they date back to the 17th century. The original design was born out of an increased ability to produce a quality glass of consistent patterns as the French become more experienced with the material. The primary reason that French Doors were invented, however, was to bring more natural light into dimly-lit homes. Thus, these window-like doors typically have glass from top to bottom. 

Today, there are a few different styles of French doors. Most of the time, you will see French outswing and French inswing doors, but sliding doors with the same pattern are considered French Doors as well. 

Where To Install

Once you have the idea of using French Doors to improve the aesthetic and increase lighting within a home, the next question is to determine where you most desire to have them installed. One of the most common places to see a French Door is leading out to a porch, patio, or other outside areas—perhaps a garden. When installed as an exterior entryway, French Doors let in a lot of natural light, giving you the ability to enjoy more of the outside world from inside your home. It also makes it fast and easy to increase airflow, if you choose to have one propped open for any part of the day.

Interior French Doors, on the other hand, can allow for more light to travel unobstructed through the rooms of your home, natural and otherwise. Installing a set of French doors leading to a room that otherwise has no windows is a good trick for getting more natural light in the innermost areas of your home. It can also open up spaces that otherwise feel cramped or enclosed. 

Why Install

If you’re looking for a change that shakes up your home’s current design and better utilizes the floor plan to deliver maximum light and airflow, french doors can be a great solution. After all, the more natural light traveling through your home, the better. Natural light can be more calming than electrically produced light, and it allows for you to keep more plants indoors—improving the air quality in your home. More natural light also means less of an electrical bill, if you start turning off lights in the house accordingly! Economically speaking, French doors are also a great choice, as they typically last a long time and improve the overall aesthetic of your home. 

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