A Homeowner’s Guide to Windows

If you’re ready to install new windows in your home, your first step is to locate a reputable home improvement company to guide you through the process of selecting the right windows for your needs. At Tri County Windows and Siding, we will make sure you’re happy with the investment you’re making to improve the look and efficiency of your home.  

Awning, Casement, and Hopper Windows 

Awning windows are the perfect solution for spaces in your home that need natural light and ventilation. Awning windows are typically installed in kitchens and bathrooms. Structurally, awning windows have a top hinge that allows the window to tilt outward and open from the bottom. They can even be opened to allow fresh air inside during rainstorms and other types of inclement weather.  

Casement windows are one of the most popular styles we offer. They fit almost every home space allowing you to fully open windows out to the side for excellent lighting and ventilation.  

You most often see hopper windows in basements because without natural light, these areas can feel very dark and cave-like. Hopper windows allow plenty of natural light to come in, while also keeping out unwanted yard debris and increasing ventilation. This window variety is a durable and affordable option for the lowest level of your home. 

Bow, Bay, and Garden Bay Windows

Bow windows, also known as compass windows, feature a four-panel window design that curves outward from the home. Modeled after the panoramic windows often seen on old ships, bow windows offer an elegant look for classic and modern homes.

In the same category as bow windows, bay windows are known for adding light and extending the view of the home exterior, through their outward curved design. What sets bay windows apart from bow styles, is the 3-panel design. Bay windows are nice for adding a bit of extra space to the home’s interior and are ideal for window seats. 

Garden bay windows are a popular window choice for gardeners and plant lovers, to provide them easy access to their plants. Garden bay windows are often constructed like tiny solariums to allow plants to get needed air and sunlight. Garden bay windows are often located in kitchens,  living rooms, and other areas of the home where visual depth is needed.

Double-Hung, Picture, and Sliding Windows

Double-hung windows are America’s most popular and versatile window style for homeowners. They fit almost any style of home and accommodate both window screens and portable air conditioning units.

Picture windows are perhaps the runner-up for the most versatile window style on the market. While these windows do not open, they are perfect for spaces that demand natural light and give a beautiful feel to both the exterior and interior of the home.

Sliding windows are great solutions for areas of the home where space is limited, offering plenty of light and full ventilation without compromising your ability to move smoothly between rooms. 

Specialty Windows

Choose from a variety of custom window options for those unique window spaces. Your round, oval, arched, or triangle windows can be accommodated as well.

Window Replacement Costs 

The excitement of updating the look of your home doesn’t take away from the importance of cost for your new installation project. The costs associated with replacing windows on your home will vary depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve, and which day-to-day functions you wish your windows to perform. Furthermore, the costs of your new windows will depend on material choice, window size, number of windows, and glass quality.  

No matter the size of your project, we can help you find the right solution and be your guide to windows. Tri County Windows and Siding’s factory-direct windows make us your affordable option, without sacrificing quality. Contact our team of window experts for your free estimate!

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