5 Window Trim Design Ideas to Match Your Decor

Window trim is an important consideration during any renovation or building project. It can range from purely aesthetic to utilitarian, and it is available in nearly all shapes and styles. At one point, trim was pretty standard in most homes with high profile casing (window and door trim). Today, the options are much more diverse.

Consider these types of trim to match your décor:

  • Headers – Headers go at the top of a window frame and provide a very polished look. They add length to windows and are typically used in more formal settings, like a dining or sitting room.
  • Low-profile casing – flat, simple casings have no decorative grooves. These simple, utilitarian style casings are great for rustic homes and comfortable environments. The molding ties the window treatment to the rest of the furnishings in a home without standing out as a specific piece of interior design.
  • High-profile casing – Traditional, grooved trim work is considered high-profile. It comes in a variety of different patterns. When evaluating different pieces of high-profile casing, look at the overall effect and the profile of the piece to see how much it will be raised above the wall. These are often used in layered window treatments with headers or other forms of molding.
  • Traditional casing – Traditional casings also lay flat against the wall, but they may also have designs or feature a molding platform at the base of a window called a stool molding that slightly protrudes.
  • Modern casing – These casings are designed to highlight the window and blend into the rest of the room. If you’re looking for a highly designed and framed window that catches the eye, these may not be the right type of casings for you.

Layering different types of casings can create a custom window treatment that compliments the design of a space. For instance, a dining room or formal living room may look great with tall, layered traditional or high-profile casings and headers. In small or casual spaces, however, large window casings can overpower the room.

Check online for window casing ideas that you like and then ask your contractor for some samples to evaluate. Looking at and feeling the casing or holding it up to a current window can help you choose the right fit for your space. Sometimes, seeing a type of trim on a window can put the overall effect into perspective before choosing trim for one room or an entire home. Contact Tri-County Windows for more information about the right casing for you.

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