4 Ways Your Old Siding is Costing You Money

You may look at your old siding and think that it still looks good enough. You probably intend to get around to it some day, but you’ve got other priorities right now. The expense of replacing the siding on your house may have you pushing off the project entirely, but that old siding may in fact be costing you money.

Here are four ways worn out siding could be more expensive than the cost of replacements.

Expense of Repainting
If you have to repaint every few years, that’s a good indication your siding needs to be replaced. Siding should keep its color for 8-10 years. Every time you repaint that old siding, you’re throwing good money after bad. The cost of frequent repainting is an expense you don’t have to worry about with new siding.

Mold and Mildew
You see those spots of mold and mildew on your siding so you pay to clean it off. In fact, this could be a sign that the siding is allowing moisture to be trapped between your home and the siding. Perhaps the most important job siding has is to protect your home from the elements. If moisture is getting inside, your lumber could be decomposing from dry rot. Avoid the expense of damage to your home’s lumber by replacing worn out siding.

Have You Seen Your Electric Bill?
You bought energy-efficient appliances, perhaps even installed an energy -efficient heating and air conditioning system. Yet somehow, your monthly energy bill is still staggering. If your siding is damaged, air can seep in from the outdoors causing your energy bills to spiral upward. Especially with the coming winter months, you need to be sure your home is wrapped tightly with quality siding.

Repairs Needed Inside
You know those one or two places in your home that you have to keep repainting or repairing the drywall? You haven’t found the leak, but moisture seems to be getting to it from somewhere. It may well be that your siding is allowing moisture to seep in and causing damage to your interior walls. Your old siding may no longer be tight enough to keep out all the elements, resulting in costly damage.

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