4 Trending Window Ideas for Your Remodel

Windows are one of the most important features of your home’s interior and exterior. Outside, they add curb appeal and draw the eye to key architectural features. Inside, they set the tone of each room, letting in light or providing a focal point. If you’re planning a remodel, the right window choices can make all the difference.

Add Graceful Curves

Soften hard lines and add a sophisticated detail when you select an arch top or gable style window. If you’re staying with the size and shape of original windows when you renovate your space, adding an arch top window above increases brightness without significantly modifying your structure. A gable window is a triangular portion located near your roof pitches that can be curved at the highest point.

Install Colored Frames

When most people picture window frames, they envision either white or wood tone. Think creatively when you choose frames in colors that provide a vivid contrast or soothing complement to your interior color scheme. Vinyl frames can come in a wide range of colors for an enhanced look.

Introduce a Window Wall

Every room looks bigger when it’s drenched in sunlight and visually open to the outdoors. Improved access to daylight reduces the amount of artificial light you use. Natural daylight creates a feeling of health and well-being, turning your remodel into an energizing space. Sunlight also provides free heating during cold weather months.

Transoms are narrow windows located over a door or window. When you remodel an existing space, consider adding transoms above existing openings for a window wall effect.

French Doors Instead of Windows

Turn the windows you’re replacing into two doors for improved functionality and an enhanced view. French doors provide a smooth transition between indoors and out. They let in even more fresh air than windows during pleasant weather and are extremely durable. They are extremely customizable, with hardware options you can adapt to go with the rest of your remodeling project.

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