4 FAQs about Low-E Windows

Picking out the perfect windows for your home can be an overwhelming undertaking. With so many options on the market, homeowners have more great choices now than ever. But with all things being equal, Low-E windows in your house can save you big bucks in the long run on energy costs. 

Here are four frequently asked questions we at Tri County Windows & Siding receive from homeowners regarding Low-E windows.

What does Low-E stand for?

Low-E literally stands for Low Emissivity, which is a classification for a surface that emits low levels of radiant heat.

What Makes My Windows Low-E?

Low-E windows are produced by applying a microscopically thin coating on the inside of glass pane surfaces to reflect long-wave infrared energy, or heat waves. The majority of windows on the market are made with insulated glass (IG), which are built with two or three glass panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer. When the coating is applied to the interiors of these panes, the end-product is an incredibly energy-efficient window.

Do Low-E Windows Help with my energy bills?

Yes, they do. Once installed you should notice a drastic difference in your energy utility. As heat waves enter through your windows during summer months, the
film reflects waves back to the outside. In the winter months, the heat waves trying to escape through your windows will revert back inside and insulate your home. As a result, your HVAC unit will cycle without overexerting itself and your energy use and costs will dip.

Are There Disadvantages with Low-E Windows?

The only disadvantage to Low-E windows is the initial cost of purchasing and installing — which, let’s face it, is still very affordable! Like we mentioned before, the savings will accrue over time, so paying a premium at the outset of your relationship with your windows is easy to stomach. A few homeowners notice a slight tint in their windows from the film, but the difference is negligible to most.

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