3 Benefits of Exterior Home Improvements

The warmer months of the year are right around the bend, and this means it is a wonderful time to start planning your exterior home renovation project. Contrary to popular belief, the arrival of nicer weather is not the only reason that summer is the optimal time to work outdoors. In fact, there are several reasons most homeowners prefer summer to pursue exterior home improvement projects. Here are a few of the lesser-known benefits of having outside home renovations arranged and executed during the season.

1. More Daylight

When seasons shift, so does the amount of daylight we experience on a daily basis. Having sufficient outdoor lighting is imperative when you’re planning an exterior remodel, and additional daylight is a significant advantage, because it enables you to see how your home looks at multiple points in the day. Since the new color scheme may appear different when exposed to shifting lighting during the day, you can use the chance to use the sunlight to come to a comprehensive understanding of how your renovation will look at different times of the day. Additional daylight provides more opportunity for contractors to perform the necessary work, and that can shorten the time your project takes to complete.

2. Energy Conservation

During the summer, most homeowners will find themselves turning on the air conditioning often, which results in higher energy bills each month. As it turns out, your exterior doors and windows are a primary cause of heat gain during the summer. In fact, heat accumulation through windows is liable for 25% to 30% of residential energy use during the summer, and poorly insulated doorways can facilitate the loss of cold air and cultivate heat gain from the outdoor temperatures. However, summer exterior renovations such as new sliding, windows, and doors can help improve your home’s ability to remain cool in the harsh outdoor heat. Making the investment in new, more energy efficient windows and doors for your exterior this summer can make a significant dent in your utility costs for years to come.

3. Comfort

With the installation of exterior upgrades, including new windows, doorways, and trimmings, you’ll not only have lower utility bills, but you will also have a more comfortable home environment. When your interior temperature is regulated without the impact of air loss, you can avoid temperature extremes and relish the moderate atmosphere the enrichment of your home’s exterior upgrades supplies.

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