Resolve to Get Home Improvements Done in 2020

Resolve to Get Home Improvements Done in 2020

Now that you have dug through the clutter of the holiday season, moved the seasonal decorations back into storage and tried to re-store some order to a home recently disheveled by family and friends – it’s time for the resolutions of 2020. When it comes to your home, you should resolve to start tackling the home improvement that will improve the long term value of your home AND provide a more enjoyable and livable space for you and your family.

If a new color or room aesthetic is one of your resolutions, remember that a fresh coat of paint, new furnishings or a splash of color can work wonders toward giving you a new perspective on the new year. 

At Tri County Windows and Siding, we specialize in those bigger home projects that improve the long term livability, efficiency and overall value of your home. 

Here’s the top three resolutions for your home for the year ahead.  

Replace your Windows

Most homeowners really take their windows for granted until they start to see visible signs of deterioration.  The fact is, many builder-grade windows can start to fail in as little as 10 years or less in some climates. Your windows play such a big role in ventilating and insulating your home. Replacing your windows is a simple home improvement project that’s guaranteed to improve your home value and lower energy costs.  Our pricing and estimating processes are fair, honest and no-hassle on an impressive line-up of window styles and materials. Check out our window gallery.

Replace your Entry Door

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – and, the from entry to your home IS your first impression.  Your entryway makes a statement about your entire home for visitors and potential future owners alike. Try County Windows and Siding has numerous options and ideas to suit your unique situation. We can help you consider variables like security, lighting, aesthetics and functionality when recommending the type of door that will work best for your home. Check out our door gallery. 

Replace your Siding

For a fresh exterior look and a low-maintenance solution, vinyl siding is a cost-effective and durable solution. This form of siding is one of the most popular materials for many homeowners.  Available in a wide variety of styles, colors and textures it can mimic other materials at a fraction of the cost. It can be cleaned with soap and water for years without losing integrity or coloration. Check out our siding gallery. 

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